Tojiro Shippu Black damascus santoku 17 cm

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Tojiro Shippu Black damascus santoku 17 cm

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The Tojiro Shippu Black damascus santoku 17 cm is a remarkable and easy-to-use kitchen knife. As a result the santoku is favoured amongst amateur and professional chef's. In Japanese Santoku means: 'three qualities'. This refers to the three main tasks that make the Santoku so remarkably effective. Finely cutting, scooping and cutting extremely thin slices of vegetable, meat and fish. The shape of the blade of the santoku is, in comparison to the chef's knife, almost the same width as the entire length of the blade. Only close to the tip the spine slopes toward the tip. Because of this remarkable shape the cutting technique is also different from, for instance, a chef's knife. With a Santoku you cut with one movement from the top-back to down-front and during each movement the blade leaves the cutting board. Santoku knives are very good in cutting incredibly thin slices. Give each dish a professional look and feel with this stunning Santoku knife!

Tojiro Shippu Black series

The Tojiro Shippu Black collection is a variation on the existing and popular Shippu collection. The knives from the black collection can be recognized by the dark look of the knife. The knives are traditionally forged from 63 layers of damasteel. The core of the blade is made from VG10 steel. The blade, with its VG-10 steel core is corrosion resistant because of a process with black iron oxide. The same process also clearly brought forward the pattern in the Damasteel blade. The blade is polished and shines like a mirror. As such it is a razor-sharp jewel in the kitchen!

The handle also contributes to the remarkable character of this knife. The handle is made from burnt chestnut wood which not only makes the wood stronger and more sustainable, but also gives it that stunning black colour which makes the knife look very chic. In between the handle and the blade you will find a black polypropylene bolster. A very strong plastic which finishes the great design. The handle has an asymmetrical shape which makes the knife mostly suited for right-handed use. This knife is not dishwasher proof.


Tojiro is a popular knife manufacturer from Japan. Ever since 1995 they specialize in making handmade kitchen knives where tradition and innovation play a very important role. The knives are forged in the Tsubame-Sanjo region, a region where one has been working with metal for hundreds of years. Looking for a sustainable knife filled with Japanese character and craftsmanship? If so, the Tojiro knives are the perfect choice!

Finish blade     polished, damask     
Right or left-handed     right-handed     
Type of edge     plain edge

Length of blade cm17

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